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Community Lots for Sims 3  
One of the best aspects of Sims 3 is the concept of an open neighborhood!  Take advantage of this by filling your world with plenty of fun and interesting places for your sims to visit!  My Sim Realty has a large selection of community lots and they are sorted according to the lot type with each respective expansion pack.  If you need assistance installing these files, please visit the F.A.Q.  If you encounter an issue with the file or a link, please email us.

If you do not like the resorts that require EA rabbit holes, you may enjoy the selection of resorts available here that use rugs to replace these large and rather unappealing objects. 

All of the downloads available - especially worlds - represent hundreds of hours of work and dedication.
If you appreciate the free downloads, please consider a donation.  Thank you!

Lots Added with Island Paradise

Redwood Hilltop Inn
Requires Sims 3 + World Adventures + Ambitions + Generations + Supernatural + Seasons + Island Paradise + Into the Future
Lot Size:
Stories:  2 + basement
Other:  This beautiful and modern resort features a lot of things for your sims to do!  There is a hot tub and pool with plenty of lounge areas and a small playground.  There are two VIP rooms each with a private bath.  One has a balcony and the other has a larger kitchen area and fireplace.  This is a very tranquil setting for sims who want to relax and enjoy the view!  Created for Anne Arbor to go at 38 Cottage Grove. 

Grizzly Mountain Cabins
Requires Sims 3 + Late Night + Pets + Supernatural + Seasons + University + Island Paradise + Into the Future + The Boardwalk + Bohemian Garden + Brunch at the Mill + Basketball Hoop
Lot Size:
Stories:  2 + basement
Other:  This resort has everything your sims need for a great getaway!  There are two VIP cabins, each with a bedroom, two baths and a kitchenette.  Guests have access to our fun roller coaster, fine dining, gym with basketball court, pool and hot tub and more.  Also a great place to have a wedding with arch underneath the gazebo!  This lot was created in Anne Arbor for 12 Grizzly Road.  Please note that the only the premium content for the roller coaster is really necessary.

Blue Bay Bed & Breakfast
Requires Sims 3 + World Adventures + Late Night + Pets + Supernatural + Seasons + Island Paradise + Into the Future + Town Life + Serenity Retreat
Lot Size:
Stories:  2 + basement
Other:  This bed and breakfast can replace the one currently located in Storybrook County.  It has two stables for horses, as well as a sculptor's studio in the hay loft.  There is a pool, hot tub and a wedding arch on the beach.  There are two VIP suites with a private patio and bathroom.  There is a bar, pool table, library area and upstairs is the wellness area with work out area and a sauna / spa room.  There is also a playground area which makes this a great choice for families! 

*When placing this resort, you need to first delete the prior one and then restart the game.  You will then be able to place this lot. 

Super 8 Motel
Requires Sims 3 + GEN + UNI + SHO + SEA + IP
Lot Size:
Stories:  1
Other:  This motel offers guests many ammenities at such an affordable price! There is a pool with water slide and small playground. There is a conference room, small gym, arcade room and three buffets. This motel has two guest towers, as well as two VIP rooms. One VIP room is actually 2 rooms connected to accommodate families.  This lot replaces the former motel at 441 Memorial Avenue in Storybrook County.  There is a version of this that uses rabbit hole rugs - see here.

Zodiac Casino & Resort 
Requires Sims 3 + All Expansion Packs + Business As Usual + Lucky Simoleon Casino
Lot Size:
Stories:  3 useable + basement
Other:  This large luxury hotel is full of stuff for your sims to do!  The main level has a gourmet restaurant and lots of food bars to keep tummies full!  There is a workout room, indoor pool and outdoor picnic areas.  The next level up has a wedding reception area with live music and dancing.  Across the hall is a casino with bar.  There are two VIP rooms.  This lot can replace the library in the city in Storybrook County.  There is a version of this lot available that uses rabbit hole rugs - see here.

Spanish Rose Retreat - Resort
Requires Sims 3 + LN + SEA + SHO+ UNI + IP

Lot Size:   40x40
Furnished:  $113,238
Stories:  3
Other:  This expensive resort features luxurious rooms and two spacious VIP suites.  There is a pool with pool bar as well as a full service bar in the lobby.  There is a dining room with 4 buffets as well as a wedding arch.  Guests also have access to an exercise room.  This lot was created in Evansdale County to go at 459 City Heights Road.

Lucky Palm Casino - Resort
Requires Sims 3 + LN + SEA + SHO+ UNI + IP + Lucky Simoleon Casino

Lot Size:   17x22 Houseboat
Furnished:  $86,598
Stories:  3 + Basment
Other:  This moderately priced resort has a lot on board to keep your sims in a great mood!  There are two VIP rooms which have a kitchenette and rooftop patio with lounge chairs and bar.  Other ammenities include a workout room, full service bar and hot tub.  The lower deck features a dessert bar with a casino.  This lot uses premium content from Lucky Palms for the casino only.

White Wave Landing - Port
Requires Sims 3 + Showtime + Island Paradise
Lot Size:   50x30
Stories:  1
Other:  This is a new port to place on the city side of Evansdale County.  It has two fountains on each side and a bathroom on site.  It was specifically built for 67 Evans Beach. 

Sea Cottage Escape - Resort
Requires Sims 3 + Seasons + Island Paradise
Lot Size:   30x30
Furnished:  $56,638
Stories:  2
Other:  This resort will certainly appeal to technophobes as there is not a TV to be found on the lot!  The focus here is relaxation and quiet.  There is a pool, nice lobby area, a reading nook, balcony and spa rooms.  There are two sea cottages.  If you have the Serenity Retreat one spa room will be for massages and the other is the soaking tub from Sunlit Tides (they will just not show up if you don't).  This lot was created in Evansdale County to go on 25 Lily May Isle.
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