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Welcome to Dragon Falls!
Welcome to Dragon Falls - a hybrid world that combines the map from Cascade Shores and the asian, tropical feel from the Pagoda Isles.  This world may have ruins still in place, but the town has grown and prospered around such relics.  Each tier has houses that your sim can enjoy.  The world has all rabbit holes through Pets and club types from Late Night.  There is a campground, several fishing spots and beaches, and three apartments.  No custom content is used in this world.  A few generation items are which is why it is optional.  It has not been updated past the Late Night expansion and since it will not likely be re-visited by myself, the CAW files have been made available.  Please be respectful of my time and talent and do not claim this work as your own or upload it for download in another location. 

Other Remarks:  Please note that some rabbit holes are buried in the basements of various lots.  These are noted in the description of each lot.  If you do not want them in the basement, we recommend trying some of these custom rabbit hole rugs.  You do need to request access to them - feel free to mention you were directed by My Sim Realty!  There are a variety of mods that we enjoy at NRaas Industries that may enhance your gameplay as well, such as mods that stop certain types of traffic and that.

Version Description World Download Save File Download
1 Original version CAW files - please do not reupload! Download -
1 Original version.  Requires Sims 3 + World Adventures + Ambitions + Late Night + Pets.  This world has 105 lots. Download Download

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