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Welcome to My Sim Realty
Welcome to My Sim Realty - home of quality lots and worlds for your sims!  This website was established in October 2008 to offer the sims community free, quality lots to download for the Sims 2 and Sims 3.  Since then we have compiled hundreds of downloads which do not require any custom content!  And now with the addition of the Create-a-World tool, we have a large selection of custom worlds available as well.  We appreciate you visiting our site - if you would like to get instant updates of new lots available to download, please like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.  If you appreciate the free downloads available at My Sim Realty, please consider supporting us with a donation - your generousity of any amount is very much appreciated!  You can also support us by shopping at Amazon through our affiliate's link.  Your prices are the exact same, however a small "finder's fee" from your purchases is then sent to help support our site. 

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Newest Stuff to Download!

Le Chateau of Roses - Resort    Added 8/2/2015
Requires Sims 3 + Ambitions + Supernatural + University + Island Paradise
Lot Size:   30x20     
Stories:  2 + Basement
Other:  This quaint resort features rest and relaxation and cozy furniture!  It is by no means anything fancy, but it has computers and TVs, a little bar, artist supplies and decent food.  There are two VIP rooms, each with a private bath and kitchenette area.  One of the VIP rooms has another little room with bunk beds for family vacations.    

Anne Arbor (version 4 lite)    Added 8/3/2015
This is a refreshed version of Anne Arbor.  It has two ponds added, as well as two port areas.  Several lot sizes and that have been changed, as well as routing improved.  This is a lite version which means no lots are built in but with more standard lot sizes you can pick from the massive selection here and fill in your world!  Below are some pictures of this lite version.  It has a darker more gloomy feel about it which I may or may not change in the filled in version. 

MuMacker Fairgrounds - Festival Grounds    Added 6/20/2015
Requires Sims 3 + Pets + Late Night + Seasons + University + Into the Future + The Boardwalk + World of Wonder + Delicious Bakery + Grandpa's Grove Tractor + Savvy Seller's + Al Fresco Street Market (optional)
Lot Size:   64x64          
Stories:  2
Other:  This large community lot will keep your sims busy for the whole day!  There is a playground and carousel for the kids, a fun rollercoaster, hayrack rides, a large arcade with gift shop below.  There is also the Sweet Cheeks bakery, a little bar, lots of picnic areas and a room to rent for your special event!  The farm has a pumpkin patch in the fall and a farmer's market every summer!  This lot was built in Evansdale County

Anne Arbor Update    Updated 6/12/2015
This is the newest version of Anne Arbor available for download that updates the world for Island Paradise.  It adds ports and modified the existing "hotels" to be fully functioning resorts, as well as adding a few lots that were created for it.  A major thing you may notice is that the routing has been incredibly updated and so the world should run significantly faster with less issues.  Because this version adds new lots, your previous save files will not work properly and so you will want to save your families to the library and move them in!

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