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Worlds:  Winchester Farming Community (Archived)
Welcome to the Winchester Farming Community - a quaint island with fertile ground and dirt roads!  If your sims dream of escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city - or even just a town - this farming retreat could be your answer!  This world has a very rustic feel with lots of barns, farming areas, and even a little red school house.  Most of the rabbit holes are buried to keep the theme.  While most lots are small, there are 2 legacy lots available.  Please report any problems that you encounter with this world.  If you need help with installing this world or a save file, please see the FAQ

Requirements:  Sims 3 + World Adventures + Ambitions + Riverview.  There is a new version of this world here.

Included Lots:  This world has all base game rabbit holes, a salon, consignment store and a firestation; parks, cemetary, fishing spots and beaches.  This world has a total of 59 lots.

Other Remarks:  Please note some rabbit holes are buried in the basements of various lots.  These are noted in the description of each lot.  If you do not want them in the basement, we recommend Jynx's Rabbit Hole rugs and the barn door for Pets.  There are a variety of mods that we enjoy at NRaas Industries that may enhance your gameplay as well, such as mods that stop certain types of traffic and that.

Each world represents hours of time and detail.  If you appreciate the hundreds of free
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Picture Gallery for This World: